lundi 10 mars 2008

Watch this space!

I have far too much work to do right now; so this blog is just a place-holder right now. I have plans for it, but right now, if you want to get the low-down on a low-down liar of a wannabe translator by the name of Harold William Vadney III (!), check my other blog.

You may be wondering why I even bothered to create this blog under the circumstances. Well, the Harold William Vadney III has a blog devoted to defaming me, a professional colleague (of mine—by definition he, being totally unprofessional, can’t have professional colleagues), a couple of newspaper publishers, most of his neighbours.... A few hours ago, he posted a link to a new blog he had created at this address. This was mainly devoted to defaming translators (myself and my colleague), and was taken down shortly after being put up. So I grabbed the name to stop him from putting it back up. It didn’t help much; he started a new blog with almost identical content (but more of it) with a slightly different name.

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